Urban Decay Heavy Metals - Metallic Eyeshadow Palette

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Product Description:

This palette is shadow mayhem in a crushed metal case. This limited-edition palette with 20 of most amped-up metallic shadows yet—and every single one is NEW and exclusive.

Inject your look with a hit of glamrock for daytime or go full-on metal for a night out. From standout jewel tones like Amp (a killer metallic teal) and Twisted (glimmering gold) to ultra-flattering neutrals like Demo (bronze-rose) and Afterparty (an amazing metallic red), this palette has everything you need to create endless metallic looks. And it’s all organized by color: brights on the left, neutrals on the right.

Shades Included:

  • GROUND (metallic black w/iridescent shimmer)
  • SPANDEX (metallic deep blue w/purple shift and blue micro-sparkle)
  • METALHEAD (metallic deep purple)
  • MULLET (metallic deep green)
  • TWISTED (metallic gold)
  • ALUMINUM (metallic warm gray-taupe w/iridescent micro-sparkle)
  • DIVE (metallic medium blue)
  • PUNK ROCK (metallic fuchsia)
  • AMP (metallic bright teal)
  • GLAMROCK (metallic silver)
  • BASS (metallic bronze)
  • DEMO (metallic bronze-rose)
  • AFTERPARTY (metallic red)
  • ROADIE (metallic burgundy)
  • SCREAM (metallic mauve)
  • GLORY (metallic golden bronze)
  • STARFIRE (metallic bright copper)
  • ANGELFIRE (metallic pale pink)
  • MAIDEN (metallic beige)
  • ACOUSTIC (metallic nude)
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