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Too Faced The Power of Makeup By Nikkie Tutorials

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Product Description:
Too Faced teamed up with global beauty megastar NikkieTutorials to create this limited edition collection that celebrates the transformative power of makeup. Her exclusive collection features everything you need to create endless looks, including nine all new eye shadows, a deluxe Better Than Sex Mascara in an exclusive purple shade, and Nikkie’s go-to Highlighter shade in Champagne Truffle for the perfect glow.

Ivy (Beige), Sugar Coated (Pink), Frosted Yum (Silver), Irresistible (Gold), Painkiller (Taupe), Wham Bam (Brown), Mystic Hour (Teal), Makeup and Chill (Purple), Wanted (Black), I Will Always Love You (Blush), Justify My Love (Blush), Champagne Truffle (Highlighter), Chocolate Soleil Bronzer (Bronzer), Glitterally (Glitter Pigment), Shadow Insurance (Primer, 0.17 oz.), Deep Black (Sketch Market Liquid Art Eyeliner) Black

Set Includes:

  • One on-the-go palette: 9 new eye shadows, 2 shades of Love Flush Long-Lasting Blush, highlighter in Champagne Truffle from our Chocolate Bar collection (Nikkie’s go-to shade for the perfect glow!), and bestselling Chocolate Soleil Bronzer
  • Deluxe Better Than Sex Mascara in a limited edition PURPLE shade
  • Full size Sketch Marker Liquid Art Liner in Deep Black
  • Deluxe glittering Glamour Dust in Blue Angel
  • Deluxe Shadow Insurance 24-Hour Eye Primer
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