Rimmel London PROVOCALIPS - Little Minx

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Product Description:Want the London look? Experience 16 hours of lip liberation. Provocalips
16HR Kissproof Lip Colour from Rimmel London lets you eat, drink, kiss
and be sexy, with never a worry about leaving a trace. Lips are
smooth and moisturised, with no tight, dry feeling. So lightweight and
flexible, it adapts to the movements of your lips.
Up to 16 hour endless colour
Kissproof, transfer proof, food proof

Exclusive 2 step process locks in vibrant colour

Lightweight, flexible, it adapts to movements of your lips

Fun, flirty, fearless - kiss and try, your lips won't tell

How to Apply:STEP 1: Apply colour and keep lips apart for 60 seconds until the product sets.
STEP 2: Apply topcoat to lock the colour, moisture and add shine.

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