NYX Tea Tree Blotting Paper

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Product Description:

When you need to mop up excess shine on the go, you should always keep a trusty blotting paper handy. Tea Tree Blotting Paper works to create a matte complexion and prevents your make up from slipping off. It’s a lifesaver for combatting greasy complexions – especially in the hot weather. Made from 100% pure pulp paper, it will soak up oil while keeping your make up intact. Perfect to pop in a handbag or clutch for weddings, festivals and nights

If you have oily skin and don’t like the effect of powder, then Tea Tree Blotting Paper is the perfect way to zap shine without layering on lots of product. The 100% pure pulp paper effectively soaks up sebum without taking your make up off with it – plus the tea tea extract works to get skin looking refreshed and soothed.

How to Use:

  • Gently press a sheet against your T-Zone and anywhere else on your face where there’s excess shine. Hold against your skin for a several seconds while it absorbs the oil.
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