Loréal Paris True Match Genius Foundation - 5N Sand

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Product Description:
Introducing L'Oreal Paris True Match Genius Foundation Powder with a micro-matching technology that matches all types of skin undertones and blends into any complexion. Unique evolving texture combines a priming gel to smooth skin’s surface, a creamy base that melts onto skin for supreme bendability and mineral pigments to seamlessly neutralise all imperfections. Can be used separately as a base, a foundation, a concealer or a finishing powder or all together for a perfect coverage.

  • Smoothes likes a primer
  • Unifies skin like a foundation
  • Corrects like a concealer
  • Finishes like a powder
  • Doesnt clog pores
How to Apply:
Apply True Match Genius using the applicator provided. Start at your forehead and blend down to your nose and cheeks. Continue to blend down past your cheeks, upper lip and chin. Make sure you do so in a downward motion for a perfect finish.
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