Loréal Paris Super Liner Blackbuster Eyeliner - Intense Black

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Product Description:
An intense graphic eyelinerby L'Oreal Paris, with a striking breakthrough black pigment that lasts for 8 hours. Inspired to re-create a catwalk look, with the thickest liner yet. An error proof, smooth guide, easy to use marker pen. SMUDGE PROOF.

  • Jumbo marker style eyeliner nib
  • 100% black ink formula
  • Quick and easy to apply for daywear and dramatic night time looks

How to Apply:
For a graphic, statement look, follow these steps:
Step 1 - Outline the top eyelid with liner
Step 2 - Fill the shape on the top eyelid
Step 3 - Shape your eyeliner wing
Step 4 - Go over the waterline (optional)

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