Loréal Paris Infallible Mega Gloss - 407 Smoke Me Up

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Product Description:
The No Compromise gloss by L'Oreal Makeup Designer Paris is here. The formula is enriched with hyaluronic acid and shine colour pigments, leaving lips hydrated with a high level of shine. Enjoy a glossy look, without stickiness. The lip shaper applicator contours and hugs lips for a perfect glossy pout, all day.

  • Mega shine. Mega comfort. All day
  • Greatest shine for the glossiest look
  • A professional lip shaper for perfect lips
  • 5HR hydration
  • This lip gloss hugs lips for a perfect pout, all day long
  • Cream Finish

How to Apply:

  • Fill the applicator with the Mega Gloss Infallible Texture.
  • Apply the lip gloss firstly onto the lower lip, from the centre to the corners. Repeat this on your upper lip, paying extra attention to your cupids bow. This way you will achieve a perfectly shaded effect, leaving the middle of your lips looking more intense and shinier in colour.
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