Loréal Paris Infallible Eyeliner - 313 Irresistible Kaki Green

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Product Description:
A creamy, smudge-tip eyeliner pencil by L'Oreal Paris is perfect for creating a smokey eye look. The built-in sharpener means you can also draw a precise, even line. The long-wear formula lasts up to 12 hours without fading! Super easy to apply and can be removed with a make-up cleanser. Use the shade 313 Irresistable Kaki Green to frame your eyes with a sultry, high-fashion look.

  • Creamy and smooth eyeliner application
  • Smudge tip for creating a smokey look
  • Lasts for 12 hours
  • Easily removed with a make-up remover
How to Apply:
Step 1 - Sweep the eyeliner across the top eyelid
Step 2 - Use the tip of the eyeliner nib to extend the line into a wing
Step 3 - Go over the waterline (optional)
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