Loréal Paris False Lash Butterfly Wings Mascara - Black

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Product Description:

The 1st mascara with an asymmetrical brush. The asymmetrical brush helps lift and stretch your outer lashes to amplify the fanned out lash effect. Complete your winged eye look with volumised and fanned out lashes. False Lash Butterfly Wings mascara instantly volumises at the roots and stretches your lashes outwards for a winged eye effect.

  • Lashes spread like Butterfly Wings
  • Unique 'cocoon' fibers for spectacular volume
  • Revolutionary amplifying mascara brush shapes each lash for a modern, fluttery effect

How to Apply:

  • For mega volume on top: place the mascara wand at the root of your eyelashes. Gently pull the wand up to the end of your lashes, slightly jarring the wand back and forth to separate the lashes. Repeat across your eyelashes, making sure to get every lash.
  • For mega volume on bottom: hold the mascara wand vertically. Lightly run the brush along your lower eyelashes.
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