Loréal Paris Excellence Creme - 9 Very Light Blonde

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Product Description:Keep dull hair at bay with L'Oréal
Paris Excellence Crème. Over time, your hair loses vitality and your
colour loses radiance, which is why this conditioning formula in the
advanced triple protection excellence formula enriched with Pro Keratin,
to help replenish hair and rejuvenate colour, Ceramide,to prtect the
hair fibre and Collagen, which nourishes the hair and makes it look
fuller and stronger. With up to 100% grey hair coverage. Hair feels
healthy, silky and soft, whilst colour looks sensational - and not a
grey in sight!This Pack Contains:1 protective
serum (12ml), 1 coloring creme (48ml), 1 creme developer and comb
applicator (72ml), 1 conditioning balm (60ml), 1 pair of protective
gloves, 1 instruction leaflet.How to Apply:Wet
your hair without washing it and squeeze it well before application.
This facilitates the impregnation and the color homogeneity on your
hair.Put your gloves on. Open the developer bottle (2) and pour
the entire coloring cream (1) inside. Put the cap of the developer (2)
back and shake vigorously to obtain a perfectly homogeneous mixture.Unscrew
imperatively the end of the applicator tip (2) immediately after mixing
to avoid projections of product or burst of the bottle. You can choose
to use the comb applicator Application:Your hair is
natural or has been colored more than 3 months ago: apply on full hair
starting with the roots and keep it for 20 minutes.Your hair
has been colored less than 3 months ago: apply only on roots for 15
minutes and then apply on lengths and tips for 5 additional minutes. Add a little of warm water and massage well the hair for better color result. Rinse until the water runs clear.Spread
a generous quantity of the balm conditioner all over your hair. Leave
on for 5 minutes for intense nutrition then rinse well.

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