Loréal Paris Camila Cabello Havana Collection Flash Liner - Black

Brand: Loréal Paris
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Product Description:

  • Discover the exclusive Havana Collection Flash Liner Eyeliner - this black liquid eyeliner is easy and precise to line your eyes in a flash
  • Reach your inner corner, create your wing, or define under the eye with the marker-like tip - ultra precise and allows for ease of application
  • This liquid eyeliner has a jumbo, felt tip marker-like applicator with a pointed tip so that you can create thin to thick lines
  • This black liquid eyeliner marker-like applicator allows for easy and precise application to line your eyes in a flash
  • Create Endless Liner Looks from Classic Camila - everyday cat eye - to Red Carpet - cat eye with a thicker top line - to Audacious and Bold - thick cat eye lines and complete bottom liner.
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