Colour Pop Lip Trio - Can't Stop, Won't Stop

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Product Description:
Ultra Matte This thin and lightweight formula glides onto the lips leaving SUPER intense colour with a bold, ultra matte finish. It's very long wearing and completely kiss proof!
LIPPIE PENCIL This long wearing, high intensity lip pencil glides on easily, prevents feathering, and acts as a barrier for Lippie Stix. We’ve made it easy for you- almost every Lippie Stix has a coordinating Lippie Pencil that was designed to complement its partner perfectly.
MATTE X LIPPIE STIX High intensity full coverage pigment with one stroke application. This long wearing formula has the smoothest, most velvety glide with a SUPER matte finish!

  • Bad Habit: Ultra Matte Lip; dusty mauve pink
  • Bad Habit Pencil: Lippie Pencil; dusty mauve pink
  • Mirror, Mirror: Matte X Lippie Stix; dusty mauve pink

How to Apply:

  • ULTRA MATTE Make sure your lips are bare, dry, and exfoliated for the smoothest finish. Apply a matching lip pencil for a precise and perfected application. Next, apply Ultra Matte Lip with the applicator or your favorite lip brush. We suggest storing these babies upright and shaking before application!
  • LIPPIE PENCIL To sharpen, make sure your sharpener fits your Lippie Pencil perfectly, if it doesn’t it may eat up your pencil. Also, the blade of sharpeners get dull over time, just like a razor, ladies. You need to replace them frequently to ensure you get a nice clean sharpening without wasting your pencil.
  • MATTE X LIPPIE STIX We’ve made it easy for you – most of our Lippie Stix have a matching Lippie Pencil that was designed to match its partner perfectly. We’ve listed some recommendations for matching pencils, but hey, we’re not trying to tell you what to do! If you want to shake it up a bit, have fun mixing and matching!
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