Eylure X The Vlogger Series Nikki Phillippi - Flirty Feline

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Product Description:
Nikki's fizzy-floral-inspired pack contains a fabulously Flirty Feline lash style - a cute 3/4 length style that is amazing for a lash newbie! Handmade with a curved band to 'hug' your eye and make application so easy! Eylure x the Vlogger series - a fabulous collaboration which brings the playful expertise of the UK's No.1 Lash brand and the fearless beauty prowess of some of the US's finest beauty Vloggers.

How to Apply:
Step 1: Measure lash and trim to size
Step 2: Apply glue and let dry approx 10 seconds
Step 3: Set lash on eye and press lightly to secure

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