Loréal Paris Dermo Expertise Revitalift Laser X3 Day Cream 50Ml

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Advanced anti-ageing care for visible results in 4 weeks.
Revitalift Laser Renew contains a naturally-derived glycan (or complex sugar)-Pro-Xylane, which has been proven in a 6 month study to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet wrinkles, boost skin density and improve bounce.
This wonder molecule has been combined with two other powerhouse active ingredients, LHA (Lipohydroxy acid) a smart exfoliating ingredient and fragmented Hyaluronic acid, a moisturizing ingredient to boost the effects of the formula.
The luxurious texture has been proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and roughness in a test with a CO2 fractional laser session. The results are convincing-the test revealed that Revitalift Laser Renew resulted in an 18% improvement in roughness and the CO2 fractional laser session resulted in a 20% improvement. There was a 14% reduction in the appearance of wrinkle depth with Laser Renew and a 17% decrease with the CO2 fractional laser session.

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