Artdeco Mineral Eye Styler - 92 Mineral Night Blue

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Perfect your eye makeup with the Mineral Eye Styler due to its innovative mechanic. A uniform and precise application of color is possible thanks to the precise tip. The specifically developed formula of the Mineral Eye Styler makes it extremely long-lasting and smudge-proof and it is suitable for sensitive eyes. The Mineral Eye Styler is free of preservatives, fragrances and mineral oils. It can be shaded out directly after application and is characterized by an especially good color intensity. The Mineral Eye Styler has an integrated sharpener and the tip is completely retractable and thus it is perfect for traveling.

How to Apply:

  • Apply as desired along the lash-line, and smudge if desired. Product becomes smudge-proof once it dries. Profi-tip
  • To layer color in multiple textures, start off with Mineral Eye Styler and smudge it on the eyelid, than apply eyeshadow in a similar or contrasting color on top, for a multi-faceted, dynamic effect.
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