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Glass Correct Primer

Glass Correct Primer
Wet n Wild
Glass Correct Primer
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This color-correcting and crystal-like skin finish primer may seem like a mirror to a parallel dimension, but that’s your real skin glowing back at you! Our Prime Focus Glass Correct Primer delivers a flawlessly translucent glass skin effect in two tinted formulas – the Green color corrects redness with skin-loving Spirulina, and the Yellow brightens the appearance of skin with Vitamin C. Now you can have perfected glassy skin in a single step – and not to worry, our formula is suitable for all skin types so you can achieve instant radiance without the grease and shine. Both the Green and Yellow can be worn alone as a natural perfecter or as a primer for extended makeup wear.

All-day, ultra-long lasting wear
Lightweight, matte, and buildable medium-to-full coverage
Nourishes with Licorice Root Extract, Shea Butter and Mango Seed Butter

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Wet n Wild launched in 1979 in Brooklyn, NY. It was purchased by Markwins and relocated to Los Angeles in 2003. The brand launched in 1979 with lipsticks and nail polishes at 99¢, and the same lipsticks and nail polishes remain the same price today. Hello! Everything has gone up since then: gas, milk, clothes, rent—everything except our lipsticks and nail polishes. We are cruelty free, and always have been! Read more about that here. We also make it a point to work with cruelty-free, third-party vendors. Our products have always, always been some of the best-priced on the market and it’s not like we use different materials to make them than our competitors. Know what we’re saying? We care about you.

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