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Whitening Cream 50ml

Whitening Cream 50ml
Whitening Cream 50ml
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Product Description:

The star product in the starlight series, this amazing and advanced cream formulation will even your skin tone, brighten it up, and reduce pigmentation. Also, its a deep moisturizing and hydrating cream which only uses 100% safe ingredients for your skin. Which is why you can use it multiple times in the day and night. Using super concentrated extracts of Daisy Flower and the Spanish Rose this Luxurious Cream will leave you feeling pampered, supple, brighter and glowing in couple weeks of use!

Clinical Results: In an in-vivo test:

  • 97% felt their skin was moisturized and nourished
  • 95% noticed their skin was instantly hydrated
  • 94% said it provided long-lasting comfort and relieved the tightening sensation due to dry skin
  • 94% felt their skin was more even toned and less pigmented
  • 91% reported it made their skin glow and dewy

How to Use:

  • Can be applied twice a day or more. On clean skin or after serum. Suitable for all skin types. No age restrictions.

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