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Shape Tape Contour Concealer - Light Medium

Shape Tape Contour Concealer - Light Medium
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Shape Tape Contour Concealer - Light Medium
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Product Description:
The texture is creamy yet not too thick, and is easy to smooth onto skin. It sets fast, so it's best to work quickly to make sure it's fully blended (which is easy enough to do). Once dry, you'll see an attractive satin finish.

This does a great job covering dark circles and redness, and doesn't budge even through a full day of wear (no creasing or fading here). Shape Tape comes in a clear plastic tube with a large sponge-tipped applicator (much larger than the standard size). This applicator delivers quite a bit of product, and since the concealer is full-coverage, it's best to dot this on instead of just swipe it. Swiping and blending means you'll wind up applying more product than you intended!

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