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Hand Over Heels Duo Gift Set

Hand Over Heels Duo Gift Set
Hand Over Heels Duo Gift Set
Hand Over Heels Duo Gift Set
Hand Over Heels Duo Gift Set
Soap & Glory
Hand Over Heels Duo Gift Set
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Product Description:

For softer hands and feet like these, you'll be hand over heels with the Soap & Glory Hand Over Heels Duo Gift Set. Treat them to fabulous fingers and tantalising toes with these hand and foot saviours. This awesome twosome is totally scent-sational!

This Set Includes:

  • 2*1.69 oz Heel Genius & Hand Food
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Soap & Glory has been supporting the Clean of England since 2006*, when we started formulating fun, fearlessly world-class products to give every girl THE BEST BANG FOR HER BEAUTY BUDGET. Within weeks of our first launch, the word – and the gloss – on almost everybody’s lips was our (now iconic) super-plumping SEXY MOTHER PUCKER™. Soon after, our all-time, dry-skin classic – THE RIGHTEOUS BUTTER™ – was voted Britain’s Best Body Butter and our MAKE YOURSELF YOUTHFUL™ anti-aging peptide serum took The Times Beauty Awards Gold Star. The bar was set high. And every single Soap & Glory product that followed has been brilliant. Now proud purveyor of an absolutely fabulous full range of beauty, body and bath-stuffs, we recommend putting your products on with happiness and abandon, because we believe WHILE BEAUTY ABSOLUTELY MATTERS, IT DOESN’T MATTER ABSOLUTELY.

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