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Nail Polish Remover

Nail Polish Remover

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Clean & Go Express Nail Polish Remover 30ml

Product Description:The travel-sized nail polish remover with argan oil is ideal when you’re on th..

Rs. 720 Ex Tax: Rs. 720

Nail Color Remover 27ml

Product Description:Now getting rid of chipped nail color or preparing your nails for a new shade is..

Rs. 350 Ex Tax: Rs. 350

Gentle Nail Polish Remover

Product Description:Pamper your nails with Bourjois Gentle Nail Polish Remover is an effective yet g..

Rs. 1,300 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,300

Magic 2-in-1 Nail Polish Remover and Corrector 35ml

Product Description:With this nail polish remover there is no need for cotton wool. Dip your nail in..

Rs. 1,700 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,700

Nails Dissolvant 1 Seconde

Product Description:This nail polish remover is enriched with almond oil and acetone formula that in..

Rs. 1,800 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,800

Magic Hands and Feet Nail Polish Remover 75ml

Product Description:To effortlessly remove nail polish from fingers and toes, this nail polish remov..

Rs. 2,000 Ex Tax: Rs. 2,000