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Base and Top Coat

Base and Top Coat

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Nail Art Glow in The Night TopCoat

Product Description: Party girls take note! The GLOW in the night top coat turns you..

Rs. 390 Ex Tax: Rs. 390

Gel Look Top Coat

Product Description: Like you just stepped out of a nail salon: The gel-look top coa..

Rs. 350 Ex Tax: Rs. 350

Gel Look Plumping Top Coat

Product Description:Gel-like… nails with a high-shine gel finish are still as popular as ever. The..

Rs. 350 Ex Tax: Rs. 350

9 to 5 Primer + Matte Nail Topcoat

Product Description:Lakme 9 to 5 primer and matte nails holds true to the chip proof promise but com..

Rs. 495 Ex Tax: Rs. 495

Instant Dry Nails Top Coat

Product Description:Say farewell to endless manicures with Instant Dry Nail Drops from Bourjois - ..

Rs. 1,500 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,500

Nail Art Sparkle Sand Top Coat - 24 I Feel Gritty!

Product Description:Super sand style! This top coat with an innovative sand effect is a true must-ha..

Rs. 430 Ex Tax: Rs. 430

Counting Stars- Water-Based Top Coat

Product Description:Transparent top coat: absolutely essential for fixing the magic mirror effect na..

Rs. 440 Ex Tax: Rs. 440

Colorstay Gel-Smooth Base Coat

Product Description:The base coat is a colorless formula that adds an extra boost of durability to y..

Rs. 550 Ex Tax: Rs. 550

Quick Dry Top Coat

Product Description:Sets in 30 seconds! Top Coat improves wear of nail color and protects color from..

Rs. 550 Ex Tax: Rs. 550

Multi-Care Base + Top Coat

Product Description:The Revlon Multi-Care Base + Top Coat is the 2-in-1 solution to add to your mani..

Rs. 550 Ex Tax: Rs. 550

Mega Last Base Coat

Product Description:Mega manicure! the base coat improves the durability of nail polish for a longe..

Rs. 310 Ex Tax: Rs. 310

Nail Art Express Dry Drops

Product Description:Sometimes, every second counts - with the express dry drops, your nail polish w..

Rs. 575 Ex Tax: Rs. 575

Sally Hansen
Double Duty Strengthening Base & Top Coat

Product Description:All-in-one patented strengthening base and top coat works double time...for do..

Rs. 855 Ex Tax: Rs. 855

Sally Hansen

Product Description: Get the look of a professional gel manicure Dramatically fuller, volumin..

Rs. 1,545 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,545

Rimmel London
Super Gel Nail Polish - Top Coat

Product Description:A breakthrough in gel nails: The simple 2 step system for gel nails in the com..

Rs. 700 Ex Tax: Rs. 700