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Makeup Brushes

The Revolution Body Brush is perfectly shaped, with dense soft bristles to buff and blend into every contour of your body. Use with Revolution Molten Body Glow. Add product to the desired area and blend into the collarbones, shoulders, arms and legs, for stunning shimmer sheen ...
Rs. 2,650
Brand: Freedom
Product Description: Want that perfect lipstick? This brush will help you pick the right amount of pigment and makes it easier for you to apply lipstick perfectly...
Rs. 550
Product Description: A mini version of best-seller, this expert concealer brush is an essential for well blended concealer application around the eye area. Dense, rounded bristles for a natural buff, make it the ideal brush for cream and liquid concealer or foundation. ..
Rs. 1,990
Product Description: Real Techniques Setting Brush was designed in cooperation with pro makeup artists Samantha and Nicola Chapman, ensuring that your makeup has a pixel-perfect, professional finish; a versatile brush for setting, highlighting, blending, applying blush, etc. ..
Rs. 1,950
Brand: Morphe
Product Description:Beautifully crafted with Goat Hair bristles, M433 Pro Firm Blending Fluff Brush ensures your eye shadow always looks its best. With a fluffy yet firm head of high quality Goat Hair bristles, M433 Pro Firm Blending Fluff Brush caresses the eyelid with powder shadow to create..
Rs. 1,650
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