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Healthy Balance Unifying Powder - Light Bronze

Healthy Balance Unifying Powder - Light Bronze
Healthy Balance Unifying Powder - Light Bronze
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Product Description:Give your skin a boost of radiance and even out that skin tone! Bourjois' Healthy Balance unifying powder is enriched with exotic fruit therapy to restore and rebalance the skin. It contains Yuzu for Anti-shine and Sharon fruit for hydration. Its ultra-fine texture is easy to blend and its feather-light feel will make application easy! Its slim compact casing and large mirror inside is an ideal handbag essential and perfect for touch-ups on the go!
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Bourjois, a French cosmetics company owned by Coty Inc, creates make-up, fragrance and skincare products. Bourjois has continued to innovate and develop accessible makeup in order to allow the modern women to express her inner style and personality. We’ve designed a range of simple, smart make-up tools, vibrant colours and lightweight textures - for every woman to be effortlessly beautiful. We gift every woman the parisian secret of effortless but chic beauty.

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