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Air Matte Finish Compact Powder - Apricot Beige

Air Matte Finish Compact Powder - Apricot Beige
Air Matte Finish Compact Powder - Apricot Beige
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Product Description: With its astonishing long-lasting shine control & ultra-lightweight formula, Air Mat Powder gives you a flawless complexion with an undetectable finish. When you want smooth, matte skin that always looks natural and never feels dry, make Bourjois Air Mat Powder a part of your daily beauty routine.
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Bourjois, a French cosmetics company owned by Coty Inc, creates make-up, fragrance and skincare products. Bourjois has continued to innovate and develop accessible makeup in order to allow the modern women to express her inner style and personality. We’ve designed a range of simple, smart make-up tools, vibrant colours and lightweight textures - for every woman to be effortlessly beautiful. We gift every woman the parisian secret of effortless but chic beauty.

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