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Eye Primer

Shop online for eye primer at Shopaholic. Primer helps eyeshadow stay longer and prevent your concealer from creasing. Find eyeshadow base and primer from top brands in Pakistan and internationally.

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HD Eye Shadow Base

Product Description: Prep yo..

Rs. 799 Ex Tax: Rs. 799

Eye Shadow Base - White

Product Description:This Eye Shadow Base is a great way to get the most out of your eye make up. No..

Rs. 799 Ex Tax: Rs. 799

Big & Loud Lash Primer

Product Description:Give your lashes a boost with this Big & Loud Lash Primer. It works hand in han..

Rs. 899 Ex Tax: Rs. 899

I Love Colour Intensifying Eyeshadow Base

Product Description: Colour push, used as a primer. The eyeshadow base makes every eye..

Rs. 580 Ex Tax: Rs. 580

Beauty UK
Eye Primer

Product Description:An innovative and practical solution to longer lasting and vibrant eye makeup. ..

Rs. 680 Ex Tax: Rs. 680