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Eyeshadow - 514 Light Grey Beige

Eyeshadow - 514 Light Grey Beige
Eyeshadow - 514 Light Grey Beige
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Powder eyeshadow in matt, natural color: Thanks to the new, particularly smooth and silky quality, this matt color adhere perfectly to the eyelid and can be applied especially even.
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Helmut Baurecht founded ARTDECO thirty years ago. For 15 years, ARTDECO has been Germany's undisputed market leader in cosmetics. And women in 78 countries around the world now use ARTDECO products to emphasize their individual beauty.

We value first-class quality without compromise - at an affordable price. Using selected ingredients, we develop luxurious textures that comply with the latest technological standards. High-quality, artistic packaging perfects our products. ARTDECO places the greatest importance on the personal wishes of women. This is because cosmetics are as individual as the character of each woman. The uniqueness of each woman is reflected in the unique composition of our diverse product range.

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