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Danessa Myricks Beauty

Product Description:What it is. A versatile foundation-concealer hybrid using the latest texture minimizing technology to create a silky-smooth finish. What it does.Offers options from sheer to buildable full coverage. Formulated with hydrating and protective Vitamin E and 100% plant-derived sq..
Rs. 6,500
Product Description:Illuminating Veils are opulent long-wearing cream highlighters that produce a sumptuous glow to the face or body. They wear fluently solo or perfect for layering beneath the Enlight powders or can be mixed into foundations for an essential glow...
Rs. 6,500
Product Description:Concealer and foundation in oneCreamy formula, highly pigmentedA little goes a long way & incredibly long lastingMedium to full coverage, warm & neutral tonesAvailable in 25 shadesIncludes some neutralising coloursContains Vitamin E to hydrate the co..
Rs. 5,500
Product Description:Glowing somewhere? This long-wearing cream highlighter adds a glow to the face or body. This water-based formula can be used under, over, or mixed into your foundation and moisturizers for added radiance...
Rs. 4,990
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