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1 Seconde Nail Polish - Fuchsia' Chacha

1 Seconde Nail Polish - Fuchsia' Chacha
1 Seconde Nail Polish - Fuchsia' Chacha
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Product Description:Painting your nails has never been so quick and easy! The Bourjois 1 Seconde nail polish gives you a professional manicured result in just 1 second per nail*. 1 NAIL = 1 COAT = 1 SECOND! Its one-coat gel formula is enriched with silicone for the perfect nail curve and an ultra-glossy salon smooth finish. Its fan-effect brush adapts to the shape of each nail for a neat and groomed result in just 1 second, in 1 single stroke! Can be applied as a glitter polish or as a top coat over another nail colour for a touch of sparkle.
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