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Extra Soft Face and Body Whitening Cream 200ml

Extra Soft Face and Body Whitening Cream 200ml
Eveline Cosmetics
Extra Soft Face and Body Whitening Cream 200ml
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Product Description:

The innovative Whitening cream is effectively balancing the skin color. The formula brightens spots caused by age and by negative influence of sun rays while protecting the skin against the appearance of new changes. The complex selection of ingredients provides maximum moisturization, smoothing and refreshing of the skin. Cucumber extract - a rich source of vitamin C and organic acids, provides the brigh-tening of areas with accumulated pigment. Soothes, mineralizes and revitalizes the skin. Avocado oil - nourishes and deeply regenerates. D-panthenol Allantoin - have soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, intensely moisturize. APPLICATION: apply every day to the face and the whole body, to make the skin soft and perfectly moisturized.

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