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Lotion / Cream

Product Description: Velvet Petals Noir: Fruity Warm. Tempting berry. Dark blooms. Velvet Petals gets decadent. Smooth on the lotion, then finish with Mist for a longer-lasting fragrance experience. Fruity Warm. Wild rose. Lotus fire. Written in the stars...
Rs. 2,900
Product Description:ULTRA-REVITALIZING KOREAN SHEET MASK, soaked with 20ml of a nourishing serum, ensures intense improvement of the skin condition, intensely smoothes, restores radiance to skin and reduces visibility of wrinkles...
Rs. 1,395
Product Description:WHITE PRESTIGE 4D An innovative treatment aiding in lightening of the epidermis, evening out skin tone and counteracting the production of melanin for up to 48 hours after application. MOISTURIZES & WHITENS: Whitening Milky Body Lotion based on the unique Lumiskin TM 4D..
Rs. 1,395
Product Description:The innovative Whitening cream is effectively balancing the skin color. The formula brightens spots caused by age and by negative influence of sun rays while protecting the skin against the appearance of new changes. The complex selection of ingredients provides maximum m..
Rs. 695
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